Artifactics: How Clothes Communicate


Directions:  For three or four days, make lists of the clothes, jewelry and other body adornments you wore each day, noting which clothes you wore for which (work, school, night out, etc) occasion.  After you have completed this record, write a paper in which you discuss why you made the choices you did, what you want these choices to say about you, and how you believe others perceive you because of your choices.  You may wish to discuss how different groups of people may perceive you, including your family and close friends, people from work and school.


          Finally, ask two friends what your clothing/body adornments communicate to them. What are the similarities/differences between your perceptions of what your clothing communicates and what your friends tell you they communicate? Discuss any additional insights you may have gained from this exercise.


          Keep in mind that although you will not be asked to read your papers aloud, you will be asked to discuss your general observations and share your findings.


          The paper should be approximately two (typed) double-spaced pages, using Times New Roman 12 pt. font.  Please remember to use one-inch margins.