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Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering Department title

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?  Contact Beth Hawkins at 301-934-7839. 

How do I contact my instructor?

Contact information for your instructor can be located on the first page of the course syllabus. You can also view the Instructor Schedule for phone numbers, voicemail extensions, and email addresses.


How do I login for a Web course?

Please visit the Help Logging Into WebCT information page for detailed instructions.


How can I find out about tutoring?

The Student Success Center offers free tutoring in specific content areas. View the current tutoring schedule for more information. Online Tutoring Services are also available through Smarthinking free of charge.


Can I retake the math placement test?

State mandated practices regulating placement tests do allow for one retest of the placement test under special circumstances. Permission for the retest is granted on an individual basis. Suggestions for reviewing for the retest:

  • Enroll in CSM review classes scheduled periodically for the placement test; inquire for these dates at the testing center.
  • Utilize the services available through the CSM tutoring center, including the Compass Test Prep Review.
  • Purchase and complete activities in an algebra review workbook, available through most major bookstores.

Cut-off scores are set and regulated by the State of Maryland. CSM officials cannot change these regulations.


I missed a class/exam -- what should I do?

Check your instructor's class syllabus for their policies. We recommend that you contact your instructor as soon as possible.


Can I purchase the required textbook from Amazon, etc.?

We recommend you purchase your texts from the College Store due to the fact that many texts are bundled with additional supplements and access codes.


The course I want to register for is closed -- what do I do?

Monitor the on-line schedule; students who are registered periodically withdraw making seats available. These are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so check the schedule frequently. Continue to check throughout the first week of classes.


I am confused about the grade I got in a math, physics, or engineering class. Who can I talk to about this?

We recommend that you first contact your instructor with any questions regarding your grade.
If you are not satisfied with the review of the grade evaluation, you may contact the department chair. However, keep in mind that the department chair does not override the instructor's grade evaluation. He will conduct a second review of the test scores and class attendance for fairness and consistency.


The weather look severe, how will I know if/when the college will be closed?

There are many ways to find out the college opening status. Try one of the following:

  • Call the CSM weather hotline at 301-369-1999 for updated information
  • Register for email updates at (see link in favorites
  • Many TV and radio news agencies will list college closings, try