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Very often, the focus in Statistics is not on the individual data, but the trend of the data.  The TI-83 function, 1VARSTAT, calculates Mean, Median, and Standard Deviation.

Before continuing this module, please see Entering Data into Lists if you have not done so already.


Example: Find the mean, median, and standard deviation of the following list of data.



Step 1: The data should already be entered as lists in the calculator.  Press STAT. 




Step 2: Press right arrow button so that CALC is highlighted and the CALC menu appears (as shown).  1: 1-VAR STATS should already be highlighted. 

Step 3: Press ENTER.  1-VAR STATS will appear on the Home Screen.

Step 4: Now enter the list names.  

For this example, the data are stored in L1. 

Notice above "1" on the number keypad is "L1" in yellow.  Press the yellow 2ND button, then "1" on the keypad.  L1 should appear on the screen.


Step 5: Press ENTER.  1-VAR STATS makes many calculations, more than can fit on a screen.  Use the down arrow keys to see all the information.  
  • Mean
    • Notation: x with a bar above (the first thing listed under 1-VAR STATS
    • In this example, the mean is 37


  • Median
    • Notation: MED
    • In this example, the median is 35


  • Standard Deviation
    • Notation: Sx
    • In this example, the standard deviation is 11.759....




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