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Clearing Lists

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The TI-83 Calculator can store data into lists.  This is necessary for a number of functions, including Scatterplots and Linear Regression.  

NOTE: This topics is the first part of a series of modules.  After completing this module, continue with the series by going to the next topic entitled Linear Regression.

Example: Clear the L1 list.

Step 1: Press STAT.  This is the EDIT menu.



Step 2: Use the blue down arrow key to highlight 4:Clrlist  


Step 3: Press ENTER.   

Step 4: Enter the list name.  

In this example, select L1. 

Notice above "1" on the number keypad is "L1" in yellow.  Similarly, above "2" in yellow is "L2".  Press the yellow 2ND button, then "1" on the keypad.  L1 should appear on the screen.



Step 5: Press ENTER.   When the calculator has cleared the list, "Done" will appear on the right side of the screen.



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