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Combination: nCr

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The TI-83 can calculate the number of combinations or arrangements possible. 

Example: Find the number of ways you can choose five people from a class of twenty.  Note that  n = 20 and r = 5. ( If you have any questions, see your instructor.)

Step 1:.Enter n.

In this example, n = 20.



Step 2: Press MATH. 


Step 3: Using the right blue arrow button, highlight PRB.  The PRB menu should appear.

Step 4: Using the down blue arrow, select 3:nCr   



Step 5: Press ENTER.  You will be taken back to the home screen.




Step 6: Enter r.

In this example, r = 5.


Step 6: Press ENTER.  The result will appear.


Interpreting the results: There are 15504 possible ways to choose five students out of a class of twenty students.

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