Math, science, technology, & invention are no exception.

In the current economy, driven by information and technology, the challenge is for women to choose fields of study that enable them to use their special talents as well as position them to advance professionally while earning higher wages. Occupations that allow for such advancement all involve the utilization of math, science, and technical skills. CSM’s Women in Technology program and this website have been designed to help potential and current female students explore computer, electronics, and engineering related careers as they relate to the educational programs offered at CSM. The WIT program also seeks to help woman enrolled in any computer, electronics, engineering, or math class to succeed. So whether you are a potential student or currently enrolled, it is our hope that this site will not only help you expand your career options but also help you unlock doors and dreams.


Join us for WIT&B Day- Saturday, April 12, 2008!

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