College of Southern Maryland

Faculty Mentoring Program

Sandra Poinsett and John Wilson

Co-Chairs, CSM Mentoring Committee

Josh Grosek, Coordinator


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Mentors should:

1.   Send email to Josh Grosek and tell him the name of the mentor and partner.

2.   Mentor and Partner fill out (together) the Agreement and Development Plan Form using link below. Please fill it out no later than 3 weeks after the semester begins.

3.   Review the program link below so that you and your partner understand the procedures.

4. Mentor should review the Faculty Survival Checklist (use the link below) with the partner

5. At the end of the semester return here and fill out the Semester End Evaluation Form and ask the partner to fill out their form.


Executive Summary

The Program

Agreement and Development  Plan Form

Mentor Semester End Evaluation Form

Partner Semester End

Evaluation Form

Faculty Survival Checklist




Annual Report




Updated June 2016